Automatic watch winder part

Automatic Watch Winder Box Accessories

The integrated circuit board for the automatic watch winder box 
Since the development of the first integrated circuit board for a watch winder in 2001, our guiding principle has been that each circuit board has a lifespan of over 10 years and can automatically switch between battery and transformer power for convenience. 

The core micro-motor of the automatic watch winder box 
In order to make the finished product's winder almost silent during operation, we have independently developed an ultra-quiet reduction micro-motor suitable for automatic watch winders and implemented production lines to achieve core self-sufficiency. We provide safe and stable accessories for customers who use OEEA watch winders for after-sales warranty repairs. 

The usability and long-lasting design philosophy of the automatic watch winder box accessories
OEEA's winder is mainly intended to provide power for mechanical automatic wristwatches to keep them accurate at all times. Therefore, we maintain our craftsmanship at the most delicate level so that each product can be used for over ten years and still be exquisite. Therefore, we use traditional Chinese carpentry craftsmanship and Western piano lacquer high-gloss technology to allow our automatic watch winders to be customized according to your personality and preferences.