OEEA, founded in 2001, is a manufacturer specializing in high-quality baby clothing and baby products.

We are committed to providing safe and reliable high-quality baby clothing and baby daily necessities for infants and young children. Our business activities include the research and development of baby clothing and baby products, the cultivation of various types of rice for rice baby powder, the manufacture of baby clothing, baby products, and pure Cotton underwear. The core of our strategy is the baby business model, covering the entire value chain of the baby goods business, from planting, processing, merchandise sales to the manufacture of various baby products.

Our baby products have an important position in many countries in Asia, the Americas and the European Union. Through the logistical advantages of scale, integration and business models, we are able to obtain operational synergies and cost-effectiveness at every step of the value chain. We firmly advocate sustainable growth and are committed to functioning as a responsible corporate citizen.
Think what you want We develop and produce all products through the concept of "think what you think" to provide you with healthy, comfortable and practical products in clothing, food, housing and experience. We meet the requirements for product quality by the following methods.
Raw materials are the foundation of the product. We strive for excellence in the raw material quality of the product. We firmly believe that high-quality products must be derived from the seasonal raw materials in nature, as well as excellent craftsmanship.
The concise concept runs through our product design, production process and packaging. Our principles of product design are practical, easy to use, durable, and simple. We use unified packaging and use simple ingredient labels to explain the product and make full use of the available Recyclable, easily decomposed packaging to reduce the discharge of packaging waste.
We choose seasonal products that are derived from nature as raw materials to provide comfort and health. By referring to ergonomics, the products are suitable for the experience of members of different ages.
We practise environmental protection through practical actions, develop sustainable products, insist on the use of raw materials that are beneficial to the environment and the human body for processing and production, and cooperate with small farmers and craftsmen to make full use of various natural conditions to promote employment opportunity.