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In April 2020, the OEEA newborn gift box will add OEEA rice prickly heat powder and rice talcum powder.
In February 2020, the OEEA Rice Diversity Breeding Base will develop six traditional Chinese important rice varieties: black rice, japonica rice, glutinous rice, fragrant rice, red husk rice, and white husk rice to develop excellent quality Rice talcum powder provides raw material safety guarantee.
Baby daily necessities brand Yingmeng launched.
Rice baby talcum powder is launched. To ensure the reliability of raw materials, we have established a diversified rice breeding base in Guangdong. We have cooperated with small farmers to provide reliable high-quality rice raw materials for rice baby talcum powder.
The Hedge Fund Division was established to manage corporate capital, strictly implement the principles of capital security, and actively conduct intra-day transactions in the global financial futures and securities markets.
The Rude Political and Economic Academy was established to cultivate political and economic talents with international vision and reserve high-quality international financial traders for the company.
OEEA brand baby clothing is accepted by Wechat.
The square automatic watch winders box is launched.
Provide customized service of personalized automatic watch winders box for customers.
Bei Yi was established to provide baby clothing and baby products for the wholesale distribution channel in the mainland of China.
Science and Technology Department was established to produce automatic watch winders box chips and geared motors.
The Investment Division was established to invest in major international securities and futures markets.
OEEA ALL IN ONE re-washable baby diapers are launched.
The clothing customization business unit was established to provide customized baby brand services for international customers.
Ming Style Furniture Business Department was established to provide customers with customized functions for Ming style furniture, build a customized ecological chain of standardized Ming style furniture manufacturers offline, and provide customers with personalized customization services for Ming style furniture.
The Oil Painting Division was established, and signed an excellent domestic oil painter to provide oil painting works for the international market and provide customized services for oil painting photos.
Xiangyunsha Business Department was established to personally tailor the tailored Xiangyunsha garments for customers.
The first baby clothing factory in OEEA was completed and put into production, producing high-quality baby clothing and baby products.
YED INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was established in Hong Kong.
The second generation of OEEA's ultra-quiet self-winding special gear motor was successfully developed and put into use in September.
Successfully developed the automatic watch winders chip, integrated circuit, and special micro motor, and produced the first OEEA automatic watch winders box.
Mr. Lin founded SHANCAO CROCHET in Guangzhou.

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