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Obibi is a renowned specialty store to provide quality merchandise and services. Our professional team to pursue the best of our spirit Obibi special to provide quality products and services, We focus on the automatic watch winders, Ming-style redwood furniture, incense, calligraphy, oil painting, silk clothing, crochet clothes, baby clothing and other products of the business, while providing customers with personalized custom-made these commodities services, sales so far have served more than twenty countries from around the world to customers.

Our business:
7 * 24 hour operation, Global Services
No matter where you are, as long as the use of Internet-connected computer or mobile phone, can easily order online;
Has opened the world's 800 countries and regions local site, and use the localized currencies;

Tailor-made, do you want to
Provide consumers with high quality silk costume, silk dress, silk Chinese clothes, Ming-style furniture, paintings, watch winders for tailor-made services.

Worldwide logistics system
We work with leading courier companies, distribution centers using wireless network technology, information management and logistics, so that customers can receive the goods within the shortest possible time, and to achieve the status of transport goods tracking.

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#256 Zhongshan Dadao Dong
GuangZhou, Guangdong
China 510700
Email: [email protected],[email protected]

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